Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah: day 2

Second day in Kota Kinabalu. 

Loving the green so much. 
Somehow, I hardly felt tired even after walking for hours simply because 
the green was so soothing to the eyes.

We saw this Rumah Terbalik 
on our way to Kundasang. 
Kereta terbalik pun ada.
Good idea for a tourist attraction kan?

View from the viewing deck in Nabalu. 
Breathtaking! Awesome!

going crazy at this market in Pekan Nabalu.
My mom and dad had to call me a few times since I just can't get my feet off that market. 
Macam ada glue kat kasut. 
Furthermore, the items here are much cheaper than the one at the handycraft market.

Finally, we reached Taman Kinabalu. It was foggy and quite chill
even at the foot of the mountain. 
I was a bit dissappointed that we did not actually plan to climb this time around.
Well, we did not plan at all, it was not a planned holiday
But we did get all the information needed to climb this beautiful mountain,
(at least half way or a quarter way or lesser..hmm..), for our next visit.

And again, we just love the beach and 
just had to drop by to enjoy the serenity once gain on our way back to the hotel.

Tell me one good, reasonable, valid reason
why I should not love the beach!

Pergi Sabah, 
kena la beli baju Sabah bah!

p/s I so wanna climb the mountain someday, Insya'Allah.

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