Monday, December 26, 2011


We had to cancel our trip to Singapore since mama had a lot of assignments to finish before Christmas. 
Haa, who say a Freelancer is FREE? At times, she seems busier than those Full Timers!

But we still managed to have fun. 
We decided to visit Sunway Lagoon..AGAIN. 
Everything looks the same except the atmosphere is a bit different because it is the day after Christmas!

Comel2 dan handsome2 belako!

Just look at the Santarina. She is wearing heels and yet still shorter than me? 
Am I too tall or is she too short? Hmm...

This time, Mama skipped all the roller coaster rides. Too tired I guess!

Then, off to the Wet Park.
We had an awesome time there! 
We even went on the same slide more than once, sanggup beratur balik tu!

A really, really nice day!

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  1. atin, the other day yana pergi gak, after all sangat best! even hujan kan, redah je... heehheeheh

    btw, yg slide guna map tu awesome! super duper awesome! naik berkali2! hahahahahah