Friday, April 22, 2011

UTP EduCamp 2011

My dearest brother is back after attending the UTP Educamp on the 20th and 21st of April. He opted for local studies instead of overseas when he filled-up the UTP application form. For those of you who will be going there next week, here are some info that might interest you.

On the first day, after registration and breakfast, my brother checked-in into his room at the Junior Hostel. He got a 2 bedded room. He was told that the building where he was staying was reserved for junior students. Once you get to senior year, you will be placed at another building which looks more like a really nice apartment block. Loyalty pays, that’s what they say!

* Junior Hostel

After that all the participants and parents were invited to a briefing about UTP and their scholarship programme at the Chancellor Hall.

* The Chancellor Hall

The afternoon was free and easy session for the participants to mingle around and visit the campus area. My brother managed to take some pictures there.

* The Library

*The Floating Mosque

At night, they have to sit for the Science and Math test. It is better to come prepared. Refresh you mind with all the Physics, Chemistry and Add Math formulas. Don’t forget to bring your calculator and 2B pencils.

On the second day, after breakfast they have to sit for IQ and English test. Then, they have to surrender all their certificates to UTP. Make sure you have all the copy of the certificates for all the achievements that you mentioned in your application form. Otherwise, you will be asked to fax the missing certificates to UTP later.

Then, come the fun part. Interview!! Yeay.

You will be divided into groups. My brother’s group received the case,’Crime Wave”. Each of the group member received a different set of recommendation to counter the Crime Wave. Each member will be called individually to explain whether he/she agree/disagree with the recommendation given and to give reasons for their agreement/disagreement to the panel. After that they had to discuss in groups and presented their opinion to the panel.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question. I guessed the panel just what to observe how you carry yourself and your communication skills.

So Good Luck to next week participants. You might have a different experience, nevertheless, All The Best To You Guys!


I received some questions regarding this Educamp. I can only answer these questions based on my brother's experience. It may differ from other people. So here they are:

1. After the Educamp, my brother received an email asking him to take an online test. This test is to see your consistency in making your decision. It was conducted by a private consultant.

2. A week after that, he received a text message asking him to check his application result online. The verdict: He was offered Chemical Engineering Course. He will first enroll for AUSMAT at Intec, SHah Alam for 1.5 years and will pursue his degree in New Zealand thereafter. (*note: my brother applied for local UTP program but was offered overseas studies instead)

3. One week before the registration at INTEC, he received an invitation from PETRONAS to attend the award presentation ceremony for PETRONAS scholars held at UTP campus.

** This year Petronas received 7000 applications. 1000 students were offered to attend the Educamp. 300 students finally received the scholarship. 128 students will be pursing their studies overseas and the rest locally.


My brother successfully completed his AUSMAT in early November 2012 and received the offer letter from New Zealand to pursue his studies there. 
He left for Auckland on the 20th of  February 2013 (Entry: Saying Good Bye to Aiman).
Congratulations to him, we are very happy and proud of him. Not everyone managed to secure a spot since it all depends on your results and you have a requirement to meet both from the University and Petronas. Some of his AUSMAT-mates failed to meet the University/Petronas requirements so they continue their studies locally.

Kat mana pun boleh berjaya asal kan terus berusaha.
Good luck to every one.

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  1. thanks kak fatin,ana insyaAllah akan pergi educamp this Thursday for private student,btw for private student1 hari je ada ujian juga ke kak fatin ?

  2. Not sure lah sama ke tak procedure ni untuk private students. Tapi dalam surat UTP untuk my brother memang suruh dia bawa calculator and pencil untuk ambil test. Apa2 pun, good luck Ana!

  3. hi fatin.. :) best fren abg dpt prg utk hr kmis ni.betul kata anaiha,diorg sehr je.interview n test sumenya in bi,dwibahasa,or bm?

  4. satu hari nye educamp xde test.just intrview.but,early in the morning,there will be some briefing.Thats all.

  5. Shizzy! Thank God! Aku tak tahu ar samada bernasib baik or not. Actually dapat educamp tapi xde notice, email or msg inform yg aku dpt educamp. So, today i called UTP and they said my name ade tersenarai utk interview tapi dah terlepas. So, hari jumaat die suh datang 6 of may this friday. That's mean satu hari only for interview la kan? Just for interview? No test, or whatever paper that looks like a test paper right? Please answer me. I know soalan ni dah terjawab kat atas, but please someone answer my question.And lagi, i am a private student. Leh apply biasiswa selain petronas kat UTP nnt tak? (klu dpt masuk utp ar)