Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bubur Butir Nangka - Desert from Kelantan

It was Maulidur Rasul yesterday. I decided to prepare Bubur Butir Nangka for tea. I learned to prepare this desert from my mom. From what I understand, this is a desert from Kelantan. Don’t get misled by the name cos actually there is no nangka (jackfruit) in this bubur. It is called that way because, it looks like butir nangka, that’s all.

It is made of glutinous rice flour mixed with pandan juice.

This is how the dough looks like.

When the dough is ready, we formed it into butir nangka shape like these. This is a bit time consuming dan amat membosankan so you really need to be patient. If all of us are at home, then this will be an easy task cos we will work on this together.
Then it is time to boil these butir nangka. When you first put them in the boiling water they will stay at the bottom.

When they are fully cooked, they will start to pop-up on the surface of the water

These are the fully cooked butir nangka. Nice kan?

Then, it is time to prepare the gravy. I mixed the coconut milk, sugar and a pinch of salt. Then, I added a pinch of fenugreek (halba). This is the difference between bubur butir nangka and any other bubur. The fenugreek add to the aroma and flavor of this bubur butir nangka. But if you do not like it, you can skip this step, I also added a bit of glutinous rice flour to thicken the gravy and

Wallah, it is ready!

Delicious and yummy!

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